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Its my boyfrieds birthday. i will be happy

Dec. 21st, 2007

So I was watching General Hospital when it comes on at night and the storyline is Georgie Jones gets killed off.  Anyway her mom comes back into town for her funeral after being away for like 6-7 years if not more and Georgies' older sister, Maxie is upset to see her mom and goes off while giving the eulogy.  My question is why are people in the show so upset that Maxie went off on the women?

On the real,  my mom left me and my sister 16 years ago on some real fucked up shit. Bitch better not come back if anything happened to my sister.  Why do people think that its ok for shit to go down around children and us to just forgive.  Fuck that ,i have feelings and if i feel like you need to hear them, then sit the fuck down grab a pen and take notes- there will be a test tomorrow.

Hell my mom...I HAVEN"T SEEN HER IN 16 YEARS I"M 22......What.the.fuck.is.that...........anyway this episode got me heated twelve ways hot.  Stop feeling sorry for that selfish ass bitch of mother. If yo ass didn't want to be tied down then close yo damn legs and quit fucking.

on a happier note:

  my new boots, there are zippers on both sides: Fierce I Know!

gingerbread house

i made a gingerbread house with my future nieces and it was so cute. i really just used them as an excuse to buy and make a gingerbread house which ive always wanted to do.
gingerbread house

edit: yes that is Lawry's Seasoning Salt in the background and no we didn't put thats on the house it went in some chili


I'm not much of a Potter fan but this shit had my ass 12 ways a rollin'... and let me just say my personal motto for this week was Bitch please.

"Like can you take me to th-"
"Bitch Please"

"Can you buy m-"
"Bitch Please"

"Can you pay me back my money"
"Bitch Please"

and let me tell you little kids are nosy as Hell. I teach at White Elementary and for all you native D ppl thats at Connant and The Davidson yes thats right The Davidson...anyways them kids was getting on my last good nerve and 5 of my bad ones. so this really made my day....

and this too

i just made this i'm making it my user pic


i just decided to try out livejournal mobile and this is a pic i just took with my moto q and yes thats him in his room watching a video about the new PS3 update that hes waiting for that comes out tomorrow. and thats it tootles


i got a new moto q smartphone its great

im doing this on my phone now
sometimes i wish that i wasn't connected to anybody and was free to roam about the country at any whim. i really want to go back to Chicago.  i would love to live there....

this is from my trip to the Windy City